Monday, March 16, 2009

Lenten Realities and Revelations

Every Lent I'm reminded of my own limitations, of my imperfections, of my inability to measure up and my utter need for the grace of God. I'm a weak woman, I am. I am not so disciplined as I'd like to be. I fall through on my commitments, I shout at my kids, I get angry at my husband, and I find a million things to do rather than cleaning the bathrooms.

But, I'm saved by grace through faith. And while even my faith is sometimes faulty, God's grace is always perfect. It is all I need. And so these forty days of coming face to face, once again, with my weaknesses and sin just serve to make the awesomeness of Christ's sacrifice for me that much more meaningful. What would I do had He not come and died on the cross? How would I ever make it if He had not shed His blood to cover my many sins?

I wouldn't. I couldn't

Praise the Lord for His incredible love that He demonstrated on that cross so many years ago. Without it I would be utterly lost and without a hope in the world.

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