Thursday, March 12, 2009

I AM, I CAN, I OUGHT, I WILL ~ My Children

I AM --
A homeschooling, nursing mother blessed by God with the care of four little children ages 6 years and under. A nurturer, teacher, provider. . . A reader, a writer, a baker, a planner, an introvert, a listener. . .

I CAN --
Take care of my children as unto the Lord, not getting wrapped up in the expectations, opinions, and philosophies of any human being (save my husband). Fill my children with good food, water, vitamins, and sufficient sleep and rest; and take care of their physical hygiene. Show my children physical affection. Read to them every day.

To read the Bible and pray over them *every*day*. Drop everything I'm doing to listen when they talk to me. Spend time teaching and instructing and teaching them every day.

  1. Care for my children as to the Lord. I will not place undue importance on the opinions of others, though I will follow my husband's advice and ideas.
  2. Make teaching and training my children in righteousness a priority. Pray for them and over them daily.
  3. Take care of their physical needs -- food and water, sleep, bathing and teeth brushing. . .
  4. Take care of their emotional needs -- undivided attention, physical affection, words of affirmation. . .
  5. Do Ten Things By Age Ten with each of my children.


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