Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weeding Through, Part 2

I haven't tried the 3 Minute Microwave Fudge from The Common Room, but we make and use the hot fudge topping recipe for our sundaes. It's delicious and saves a little money.

Not sure which of these Shoo-Fly Pie recipes I tried, but it turned out pretty well. I remember I made extra crumbs to sprinkle, er heap, on top; and J thought it would have tasted more like what you get in a resturant if I'd used King Syrup instead of Molasses. But G and I devoured it with vanilla ice cream.

I've tried this Mix'n'Match Quick Bread recipe posted at By Sun and Candlelight. I've had different results at different times. I'd first of all recommend smaller, rather than larger bread pans. My attempts sometimes cave a bit in the middle -- not sure what that is all about, but I plan to keep at it as the bread is the most delicious I've ever had with a nice crispy sugary coating on top. And who doesn't love mixing and matching?

J loves, loves, loves these German Meatballs with Sour Cream Gravy. I also make a variation of the meatball recipe to serve with spaghetti and tomato sauce.

Speaking of J, I believe he is up. So I'm going to go and serve some honey nut cheerios and begin our day.

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