Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween in Our House

Yes, we celebrate Halloween. I wrote this post on an old blog of mine several years ago explaining why.

And this is how Halloween will be shaping up for us this year, as we recover from the flu.

Food is a big part of our Halloween celebrations. We begin with flap-jack-o-lanterns (orange pancakes with faces made of sausage) and witch's brew (green Hawaiian punch) for breakfast. We have fingers and toes (hot dogs with ketchup and mustard fingernails) and slugs in mud (macaroni noodles in brown gravy) for lunch. Dinner is bloody worms and eyeballs (can you guess what that might be?). Dessert is "soul cakes" -- cupcakes iced and decorated with faces made of Halloween candy.

This year, we have decided (even before the flu hit) to do an all-day at-home Halloween extravaganza. Well, that sounds much more "involved" than it probably is. We'll be having a candy scavenger hunt, playing some parlor games like eat the donut off the string, making caramel apples, and watching Disney's Snow White and maybe some episodes of Alfred Hitchcock and/or The Munsters. We may even do our pumpkin carving that night!

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