Monday, August 3, 2009

All in a Day's Work

While I deep cleaned the bathrooms and bedrooms this morning, Bud-Jack. . .

  • Managed to get the downstairs bathroom mirror from on the counter behind the sink to face-down on the floor.

  • He also had that bathroom counter flooded with water and was "cleaning" with a hand towel.

  • Poured the rest of a container of cleaner out into the upstairs bathroom sink, and was about to fill it with liquid soap.

  • Doused M&M's crib with spray cleaner.

  • Also soaked an area of Teeny's bedroom floor.

  • Opened the basement door and let the cats out into the house.

  • Opened the back door and let the cats and M&M out into the yard.

  • Had a cat food snack with M&M.

  • Dumped out the entire cat box onto the basement floor.

  • Stripped the guest bed in the basement.

  • Scattered a hoard of small pinecones all over the basement floor.

  • Pulled down the new box of laundry detergent, spilling several scoop-fulls on the floor in the process.

  • While I was deep cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry, Bud-Jack. . .

  • Escaped out the family room window. . . pantless.

  • And left the window open for M&M to climb out.

  • Made himself an Oreo sandwich which was, in fact, an Oreo cookie between two pieces of bread.

  • Half-ate about three apples.

  • Why does it seem as if he's getting more done in a day than I am?


      Kari said...

      Doesn't it feel like we're just chasing them around sometimes?

      How I Pinch A Penny said...

      oh my gosh!! he was one busy boy!!