Thursday, June 11, 2009

Homeschooling In the Month of June

We do year round school here. I mean our family, not the local school system. I've decided this is best as G and I both need a good break from school after about three weeks. In fact, at the end of the third week, it is all we can do to stay focused and get anything done. So, we do three weeks on and one week off. Sometimes vacations and such scew this schedule a bit. June is one of those months. We have ended up taking two weeks off now instead of doing two weeks in the longer month of July.

At any rate, here is bit of what we have coming up in the next couple weeks:

  • G will begin learining three letter short-vowel words along with some sight words like"the" and "I".
  • Re-start the language notebook, having G write his newly learned words in the notebook.


  • Go over review questions and narration exercises from history lessons. Put narrations in history notebook.


  • As soon as I get G signed up for our libraries summer reading program, I will finally be forced to keep track of just how much time we spend reading every day. Our goal is 2 hours, but I'm afraid we usually fall way short of that. . . especially when the weather is nice.
  • We will continue reading about ancient civilizations, putting our narrations in a notebook along with sketches that G makes during or after the readings. In the next couple weeks we will be covering some ancient India along with ancient Indian folk tales and some ancient China, specifically the building of the Great Wall and the developement of calligraphy. We will use our text along with real books.
  • We will also read books to go along with our "science" projects. This week, for instance we will be reading up on how to make fairy houses.
  • And we will be choosing our summer reading pile!
  • We continue on in the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • For poetry we use Ambleside Online's Month-by-Month poetry collection.
  • In the evenings I will be reading the kids bed-time stories about unconditional love.


  • We are still working on the story of the resurrection found in Matthew 28.


  • We do our daily prayers and songs and Bible readings in the morning at breakfast.
  • Summer hymn is yet to be determined.
  • In the evenings at bedtime I hope to be going over the idea of unconditional love with the kids.


  • We will, of course, be making Father's Day gifts.
  • We may be making pictures of "the Sacred Heart of Jesus" for June 19.
  • I think we will also be doing a little "Chinese calligraphy".


  • Monday nights are usually our library night, though we may be going more often for this summer reading program.
  • Thursdays we do our science/nature projects. Next week we build a fairy house.


  • We have, right now, our daily chores. For G that is his bed and room and picking up his things from around the house as well as helping with the sweeping and vacuuming in the "deep clean" rooms for each day.


  • I struggle to be a consistent disciplinarian. So, this is more for me than for him. I will be working on consistently implementing the system of discipline that J and I have deciding.
  • As a family, we will be working on filling our home with unconditional love.


  • The kids get 30 minutes of computer game time daily.
  • G is going to get signed up for cub-scouts this month (hopefully).
  • I also hope to be signing him up for swimming lessons.
  • The rest just happens!!!

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