Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Longer My Baby

Little M&M turned one year old on Friday, passing over the great divide between baby and toddler. She'll always be my little baby, but that first birthday always chokes me up a bit. It was everything you could wish for for a birthday -- the sun shone brightly, some of the grandparents came to visit, and there were all the things a little one year old girl could wish for to eat and play with.

We began the day eating Fruit Loops and drinking apple juice in the pink and white decorated kitchen. After breakfast M&M opened her first ever birthday gift: A cute pair of shoes picked out by her big sis, Teeny.

Little M&M took a quick morning nap so that she would be cheery when Ging-Ging and Papa L. got here. After she woke, we all had pizza, fresh veggies and dip, and strawberries together with chocolate dipped pretzels and strawberries as a dessert. She then opened her second present: a Sesame Street bath toy from G, and we all headed out to play in the water.
And we had one more little nap before grilled chicken, shells and cheese and broccoli for dinner followed by more presents. She got a Little People car with a mommy and baby from Bud-Jack, a little piano/xylaphone from Mommy and Daddy, and three cute outfits and a stuffed Eyore from Ging-Ging and Papa. Then, the grand finale, the cake and ice cream. What do you think she wished for? She wouldn't tell me.
Beautiful. . . messy face and all.


kari said...

I think she's wishing that she could have cake again the next day! ha ha
That was such a sweet birthday post. I love the picture of the little shoes! Thanks for sharing.

Realmomma said...

The irony here is that she was *very* fussy that night. I'm not even sure how I got her to smile for some pictures. Oh, yeah, I think it had something to do with putting my arm around her and giving her lots of hugs and kisses the whole time she ate her cake.

Becky K. said...

She is sooo precious!

My "baby" turned one nearly 13 years ago.

Time flies...truly.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Gee! your lil lady is adorable. How I missed those wonderful days when my daughter still a baby.

Enjoy your time together, every minute of it! Time goes so quick. Just a wink of an eye, believe me.

Suddenly, one day, they come home and say "Mum--- am moving". Heartbreaks but I have to admit the decision. Arrgghh... My eldest moved on his own couple of years ago and now, the young lady is 17 yrs old §:-(

Hugs her from closely from us
(you don't know us but we adore kiddies & daughter use to screamed when she saw kids on while am blogging)

Cheers for my freaky Friday!

newlyweds said...

Happy Birthday little M&M. Looks like she had a fabulous time, love the pictures she is too cute!

Daly Essentials said...

what a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful - and so big! How did that happen.

- Kolleen