Friday, January 2, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

We rang in the New Year exhausted, watching episodes of The Office here at home with some good friends. We had Chinese take-out; the kiddos all made their own pizzas, decorated their own cookies, and put together their own sundaes. Then they got a rare treat, going up to G's room to watch TV (G is on cloud nine to have a TV in his room now; but rest assured the DVD player is getting put up today).

Yesterday morning I came up with some resolutions.
  1. I'm reading the book, A Mother's Rule of Life. It is a great book that I have been wanting for years, literally; and it was my one Christmas present to myself this year. My first resolution is to form and apply "My Rule".
  2. I really wanted to give the kids some hand-made gifts this year, but found myself way too busy by the Holiday Season to make anything but kid-crafted ornaments. So, my second resolution is to make a gift or two every month to give them at birthdays, Easter, or Christmas. First up is going to be a literary cookbook for Teeny (containing recipes for food mentioned in favorite nursery rhymes and story books) and some bibs for M&M.
  3. I'd really like to preserve memories a bit better, and one of the easiest ways for me to do this at this point is through this blog. So, my third resolution is to blog the day after (and even post pics when available). Hence, this post.

Which brings me to. . .

Yesterday, over a wonderful brunch that J prepared, we handed out the ". . .est Awards" to the kids. J began by asking what the kids resolutions were. Only G could think of one. His is to use his new tools to build some toy boxes that I requested he make.

Since resolutions didn't go over well after that, J began asking who they thought would be the . . .est. G claimed that he would be the best at everything when he grew up. We determined that Teeny would be the "Clumsiest" as she spilled three, count 'em, three cups of juice while we sat and had this discussion. Bud-Jack proudly shouted "ME" when asked who was the "Bravest". When I mentioned that Teeny was pretty brave, he yelled, "NO! ME!" He also readily claimed the title of "Stupidest and Craziest" (a title derived from a favorite saying of Teeny from when she was just a wee tot). And we decided M&M would get "Strongest Thighs" since she has reached the age that would normally put her in a Johnny Jump-Up had we a door frame to hang one on.

It was a pleasant morning followed by more episodes of The Office at a co-worker's house. Now we buckle down and prepare for a wonderful year.

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