Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She'll Never Be This Young Again

She'll only be this little baby tot for a few more months, another year at the longest. She won't always nuzzle up to me, under my chin, in my arms, all through the day. She won't always smile and give me slimy open-mouthed kisses, over and over. She won't always hold my hand tightly and go willingly to her room for a nap. She won't always stop her crying on sight of me or smile as soon as I enter a room. She won't always be smeared with chocolate chips and bear crumb-encruted, dimpled hands. She won't always dance to television show theme songs or pat her chubby belly with contentment and happiness, even pride. She won't always trust everything I say, like everything I do, or want to spend every minute with me. She won't always need me. I guess I'd better enjoy it now, while I can.

From june09

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