Sunday, August 30, 2009

Glimpses of Hope

As a mother, I often find myself muttering discouraging words to myself under my breath when going about my daily business with my children -- words like:
  • "What am I doing wrong here?"
  • "I am failing miserably at this job."
  • "These children must be the worst behaved in the entire world."
  • "Does anyone, a-n-y-o-n-e listen when words come out of my mouth?"
  • "I should just go ahead and give up."

But then, something small and miraculous happens. I stop and watch and listen long enough to catch a glimpse of hope. I happen upon my oldest boy curled up on the sofa reading his baby sister a book. I hear my oldest daughter telling her brother to let the guest pick the movie they will watch. I stop reading aloud long enough to listen to my little guy say, "Jesus love dat guy, and Jesus love dat guy. . . and Jesus love me."

And then I know that it's all okay -- not because of anything I'm doing right -- but because of the grace of God.

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