Monday, June 8, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For Monday, June 8, 2009:

Outside My Window

Their forecasting thundershowers, but right now it is beautiful and sunshiney. I think I'll be going out shortly to read in the back.

I Am Thinking

How nice it will be to have J off for a whole week with no agenda -- no plans -- nothing to do but relax and enjoy being a family.

I Am Thankful For

Play. Why? Because it is so very fun to watch and listen to the kids when they are doing it. It brings a little peace to my soul and a smile to my face to see them obliviously hard at play.

From The Learning Rooms

I am making the decision to swap out a week off in July for this week, since J is unexpectedly off for the week. I knew he was taking a week this month, but just didn't realize it was this one. So, I think we are going to be off too so we can enjoy his being home.

From The Kitchen

French toast with fresh strawberries for Breakfast.
Chili cheese dogs for Lunch.
Oven fried chicken with rice, greens and pinto beans for dinner (a good-ole southern meal).

I Am Wearing

A black, knit half-sleeved baby doll shirt and black knit capris.

I Am Creating

A home filled with love.

I Am Going

Thrift store shopping and to the library.

I Am Reading

Romancing Your Child's Heart (awesome book!)

I Am Hoping

That the details of Teeny's birthday tea party come together without me going into a panic.

I Am Hearing

M&M's babbling and J's alarm going off (he is having breakfast with a guy from church).

Around The House

I've created yet another housekeeping schedule (let's hope this one works).
Monday: All-around pick-up (to recover from the weekend)
Tuesday: Deep clean the kitchen and living room
Wednesday: Deep clean the car, yard and outside of the house, foyer, half-bath, laundry room, and family room.
Thursday: Deep clean bedrooms and full-bath
Friday: All-around pick-up (to prepare for the weekend)
G's chores: Bed, bedroom, pick up toys and dirty laundry and books from around house, vacuum and sweep on deep clean days.
Teeny's chores: Bed, bedroom, pick up toys and dirty laundry and books from around the house, dust and clean windows on deep clean days.
Bud-Jack's chores: Make bed, take belongings to room, help mommy vacuum sofas on deep clean days.

One Of My Favorite Things

Notebooks and journals. I have so many going it is ridiculous. I think, not counting blogs, I am at five, and some serve several different purposes because I can't bring myself to go buy more.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

I have to get to a thrift store or two to buy teacups and saucers and maybe even a couple tea pots, I have to get the the craft store and dollar store to collect items for the "fancy hat" craft for Teeny's tea, I have to buy / make a bunch of fancy food for the tea party.

And then I *need* to relax with my husband on his week off.

Here Is A Picture Thought I Am Sharing

Click on the pic to see our groundhog family.
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