Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Toy Lawnmower Given. . . Check!

So far, Bud-Jack has been so amazingly cute this birthday, I just had to get some of it down "in writing".

This morning he came down in his usual grumpy manner and flopped on my lap with a scowl on his face. . . Until he saw the balloons and streamers in the kitchen. "Look dat!" he said. "That's for your birthday!" "Yeah?!" he replied with a big smile.

Breakfast was donuts, and Bud-Jack's was delivered with three lit candles in it. He was so excited. . . He smiled proudly and then began blowing half-way through the song.

After breakfast he received his first present -- his toy lawnmower (from Teeny). He immediately set to work mowing our huge yard. I believe he actually thinks it cuts the grass. He is still at it, going in as straight a pattern as a three year old's attention span will allow, and angrily throwing toys he finds out of his way. . . just like his father.

Next up, a lunch of hot dogs and mac 'n' chac and then his gift from me -- a baseball glove and ball. I forsee a brotherly game of catch in our future.

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