Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Glorious Sunshiney Day

After breakfast and chores were through, we headed outside and spent a day reveling in the out-of-doors. Aside from naps and meals, we were outside:
  • Catching salamanders in the stream and pond.
  • Picking dandelions.
  • Playing catch.
  • Hopping the stream.
  • Playing in puddles of water left from the rain of the past few days.
  • Trying to pick up bees : 0. . . until realmomma shouted in fear and warned little bug-loving Bud-Jack of stings.
  • Planning Fairywood Farm.
  • Riding bikes and pretend cars.
  • Watching ducks, hawks, robins, and our cats.
  • Looking at books.
  • And doing other assorted fun little things together.

. . . And the next couple days promise to be every bit as warm and sunshiney!!!

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