Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mid-Trip Musings. . .

J has seriously contemplated moving to the beach. Or at least selling our home, buying a less expensive one, and then buying a small cottage down here to live in half the year. We have also craigslisted RVs.

I finished Murder on the Orient Express in just a matter of days. I loved it! I love all the reading I can get done when on vacation. Our first day here I just sat out on a sunny deck reading while the kids soaked in the "hot pool" or watched TV.

G and I have discovered the joy of Mancala. We have been playing together obsessively. I'm thinking we may have to buy the game when we get home.

Teeny is literally obsessed with the "hot pool". Not an hour goes by that she does not ask about going in.

We often ask the kids what they'd like to eat for a given meal. Bud-Jack *always* says, "Hot dogs and chicken wings." A-l-w-a-y-s.

M&M took her first steps!!! And she seems to be attracting attention wherever we go. The Park Ranger at Fort Raleigh NHS referred to her as the "Sunshine and warmth" that a visiting lady said she was missing on this vacation. Isn't it nice when someone complements your children?

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