Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes I Wish I Was Two

Bud-Jack is just full of imagination, expression, words. The world is an exciting place to him; and when he begins to find life just a bit dull, he livens it up with some good ole-fashioned imagination.

A couple days ago, there was a lion in our mini-van. We needed to call Daddy to shoot it dead.

The other day when Teeny accidentally hurt M&M, the police were coming to get Teeny. "Funny Daddy call them."

And this morning, his "fens" the dragons were on their way to "my home".

Every day it is some new exciting fantasy he is playing out with us -- some new creature or adventure.

And in the middle of the night, when that imagination backfires and leads to a nighmare, the little guy gets to crawl in a big bed and snuggle up close to Mommy and Daddy.

What a life.

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Caeseria said...

What a marvelous, exciting life you lead!