Monday, December 1, 2008

*THE* Lists

Well, up until this year we've done the whole "sit on Santa's lap" thing. However, with a couple non-traditional weekends ahead of us, we are going with letters this year with the understanding that, if they get to a Santa, they are going to just tell him what they put in their letters.

So, for posterity's sake, here are *THE* letters:

G's (who decorated his letter with a Christmas tree, a Christmas stocking, and a candycane):
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the Pirate Kit, I liked that. . . I always wanted that
the Erector Set
and the Dinosaurs
This year I want:
*A Building Set with Real Wood and Tools (and safety glasses)*
*A New Guitar*
*A Spy Kit with an Alarm*
T H A N K Y O U ! ! !
I'm gonna have TONS and TONS of cookies for ya!
And TWO cups of milk!
I (heart) U
From Teeny (who decorated her letter with a Christmas tree, a Christmas cake, a house, a gingerbread man, and a Christmas gift) (and who had to do two differet letters; one she paniced over, and the final one that set her worried mind at ease):
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the Beauty and the Beast Doll and Dress (I like Beauty and the Beast) and for the Magnet and Sticker Books.
This year, I think a:
*A Tea Set*
*A Doll House with Dollies and Doll House Furniture*
*A Doll with a Pink Dress and a Princess Dress*
would be good.
I (heart) U
I (heart) Mrs. Santa
From Bud-Jack (who decorated his letter with mostly blue and a streak of magenta. . . and was helped in the writing process by his Real Momma):
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the doll, shopping cart, and doodle pad you brought me last year. I loved playing with them.
This year, I would *most* like:
*Trucks and Cars*
*A Stuffed Dog*
Thank you! I'll have a big plate of cookies ready just for you!
From M&M (whose Real Momma wrote and decorated with holly, a candycane, a Christmas stocking, and a Christmas tree):
Dear Santa,
This is my *FIRST* Christmas!!!
I don't want much, but I hope you'll bring me:
*A Stuffed Animal*
*A Shaker Toy*
*A Teether Toy -- a *GOOD* one*

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