Friday, December 5, 2008

Can a Mother of Four Littles Bake?

I ask you, *can*she*!?

Because, my baking skills are failing me. I used to bake quite well -- not boasting here, it just sorta came to me. I think it might have been genetic. But, lately, well . . .

I can't roll a pie crust, my cakes stick to the pan, my pizza and cookie bottoms burn, and I'm constantly loosing count when measuring! I add too much yeast or too little flour. . . It is very disconcerting. Baking has always been my stress reliever. Now, I think it is possible, that stress is ruining baking for me. My nerves are, perhaps, frazzled to the point that I can no longer focus enough to get baking right.

So, tonight, I drown my sorrows in Americone Dream -- my new favorite Ben & Jerry's -- rather than in Christmas cookies.

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Kolleen said...

blame it on the oven. that's what I do!