Monday, November 17, 2008

That's What My Little Boy's Birthday Is Made Of

Streamers and balloons.
Toaster Struedel and Kool-Aid.
Gifts from every sibling. A gift at every meal.
All-You-Can-Watch TV and Computer.
Helping to make homemade Pizzas for lunch.
A shiny new bike from daddy. . .
. . . and riding lessons in the afternoon.
More TV.
Wings!!! and Pierogies!!! in front of the TV.
Sharing the unwrapping and the gifts with the upset 2 year old brother.
Marble cake with marble icing and Party Cake Ice Cream.


Anonymous said...

I love that he shared with BudJack. Tell him happy birthday and we are all looking forward to Saturday!

realmomma said...

I will and we are too -- can hardly wait!