Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Many Faces of Bud-Jack

My little Bud-Jack is quite a character. Anyone who has ever spent time with him would agree. He has more personality in his tiny little frame that you would imagine. He is a sweetie, all-kid, all-boy, and, as my Grandma would say, "He's a little quirker."

Bud-Jack is my willing worker, my little helper.

When someone is hurt, he's the first to run and grab a wet rag. When I ask for help in the kitchen he comes dashing out of nowhere to come to my rescue. Often times, I don't even have to ask for his help. If he sees me working, he just comes and pitches in, vacuuming, rolling up clean clothes, wiping of tables, cleaning walls and windows. . .

Bud-Jack is a two-year-old though, and the most two two-year-old I've had so far. He is into everything -- emptying silverware drawers, coloring an walls, pouring sand and water in the sun room, helping himself to bowls of water and cups of milk, rummaging through the pantry and cupboards. . . the list goes on. And lately it has been coupled with the dreaded two-year-old tantrums.

Bud-Jack is an expressive little guy. He is very slowly learning words, but he has body language and tone of voice and facial expressions down to a fine art.

There are a couple other sides to Bud-Jack that I've discovered in the past 12 hours. Bud-Jack is a cookie thief! You know the old stories you hear about kids back in the day swiping blueberry pies off kitchen window sills? That would be Bud-Jack. Last night I made pumpkin cookies, and I promise you that as they were cooling on the racks, every time I turned around he snuck in and swiped another cookie.

This morning he revealed, quite violently, that he is a stuffed animal killer. He found a long plastic thingy which he promptly turned into a pretend sword. He then found a cute little stuffed puppy which, moments before had been his "beebee", and proceeded to. . . "saw off its head"!

Well, at least there's no confusion about his gender. . . even if he does sometimes play dress up with his older sister.

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