Monday, September 22, 2008

Quality Time with Four Kids

One frequently heard argument against having several children close in age is the seeming impossiblity of spending quality time with each of them. Even I, when I sit down and try to plan special one-on-one times with the kids end up desperately wondering if my children will forever be deprived of quality time with me. Fortunately, these things just seem to work themselves out if let alone.

Yesterday, after the hustle and bustle of church, lunch, and yard and house work, quality time just happened. J whisked Teeny off to the basement to sit by his trial-run hearth fire and "talk trash". (Don't ask 'cause I don't know.) I had gone up to the kitchen to bake some whoopie pies for "Ice Cream Sunday" (I realize the connection there is obscure.) and was followed by my little helper, Bud-Jack. He stood on a chair beside me enjoying being sprayed by cocoa powder, licking the beater, and dipping his finger into a few unbaked pies. While I was enjoying my time with Bud-Jack I began to feel guilty that perhaps G and M&M were being neglected and missing out on all the bonding time. That is when I realized the G was just out the back-door, cleaning the sunroom while entertaining his baby sister with toys, small-talk, and many stanzas of "Koombaya".

So, you see, even "large" families can enjoy quality one-on-one time. After all, isn't quality time with one's sibling just as important as quality time with one's parent? I think so.

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