Monday, August 25, 2008

Bud-Jack Kisses

Today, while making PB&Js for the kids, I was interrupted by a Bud-Jack with persed lips. He had been playing in the other room when all of a sudden he ran into the kitchen, excitedly yelled, "Momma!" and persed his lips so as to ask for a big kiss. Of course I immediately stopped what I was doing and obliged him, after which he laughed and ran back to finish playing with his "cucks".

That kiss made me smile.

I hope that others get many such offers of kisses from Bud-Jacks. But, I suppose that is not neccessarily possible since not everyone has a Bud-Jack all their own. Indeed, Bud-Jacks are a rarity. So, I hope others get many such offers of kisses from little ones as endearing as my Bud-Jack.

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